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Custom Rug

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Important Information (MUST READ):  


Design Production:

If your design has a large amount of different shades of the same colour our team will need to adjust the design. If you order a rug and the design has many different shades of one colour, we'll simplify it to just a few shades of that colour.

If your design contains a lot of very small details please adjust/simplify your design before ordering otherwise we will have to adjust these details ourselves which puts the design in our hands 

If you select for example 60cm, if your design is circular or square it will be no larger then 60x60cm. If your design is rectangular, the larger width will be no longer then 60cm although the shorter width can vary depending on the design 

There may be defects throughout the rug as not all designs will come out perfect, it may also have some loose threads because of it being a newly produced rug. 

Production Process:

1) We adjust your design if needed

2) We draw your design on our frame 

3) We begin tufting your rug 

4) Once tufted, your rug is cut from the frame

5) We then start applying the rubber grip backing and once done, it needs time to dry

6) We trim your rug and quality check 

 7) We Dispatch your rug

Production & Shipping Times:

Production Process (30 days), please allow additional time in case of delays (7 days)

Shipping Time (7-14 days) 


We do not offer any Refunds or Returns. For more information read the 'Custom rug policy' under our 'Refund policy' 

Production & Shipping times

Production Process (30 days), please allow additional time in case of delays (7 days)

Shipping Time (7-14 days) 

Refunds & Returns

Please read our Refund Policy for information


Washing Method

  • To clean the mat, simply machine-wash it on a gentle cycle with cold water.
  • Do not use bleach or harsh detergents.
  • Tumble dry on low heat or air-dry.


We do not officially work with any of the brands that appear in our rugs. We create fan art to help spread and grow the culture and aesthetic while enjoying the making of the rugs.

If any copyright holders don’t want us using certain designs in our fan art please email us and we will remove it immediately with no hesitation.

Contact email:

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