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Important Notices

IMPORTANT NOTICES: (Read thoroughly)

Production - Make & Manufacturer 

All of our rugs are handmade using high quality materials which have been listed in product descriptions. Rugys are teamed up with a personal manufacturer in china who makes all of the rugs. Rugys are in charge of all the designs although our manufacturer makes the rugs for Rugys (Handmade). Due to the amount of orders we get, Rugys needs a wide team of people producing our products. This is why we use a manufacturer, this not only gives the ability for us to make customers rugs faster italso brings high quality with our organised team of workers.

Orders - Fulfilment & Delivery

All of our rugs are stored over with our manufacturer. When we get an order placed by a customer, Rugys sends the delivery details over to the manufacturer who then sends the order to the customer. This eliminates time wasted in not having to have the rugs sent to us then sent to the customer. This also eliminates extra costs giving customers the privilege in FREE shipping. 

Product - Costs & Availability 

Due to Rugys being a very large brand with a huge following across social media’s, we have encountered a lot of copies. There are many people selling the same rugs using our photos. These people steal our designs and manufacturer them as there own. This is because Rugys does not own copyright to the designs. We want to inform you that the quality of these copies are not guaranteed to be that of the Rugys standard and the customer service does not match ours. If you find more affordable rugs that are of similar design, purchase them at your own risk of these many factors. This includes poor customer service, low quality, untrusted websites, long shipping times and misleading information.